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Infrastructure solutions in our company refer to all the basic technological elements that ensure the operation of our IT infrastructure.
These include, among others, the computer network, servers, data storage systems, UPS power supplies, equipment layout, structured cabling and other necessary components and devices needed to ensure a stable and effective technological infrastructure in our company.

- Hardware
INVOI sp. z o. o. as a nationwide IT systems integrator, it provides a wide range of services in the field of consolidation of information processing environments. The primary goal of the services provided is to automate IT tasks and processes occurring in the life cycle of the client's organization, while maintaining maximum security.

- Sale
The company sells both its own products and solutions built using third-party infrastructure products. It focuses on sales to medium-sized and large enterprises as well as public administration entities.

- Implementation
We carry out infrastructure projects (delivery, installation and configuration, maintenance) for our own solutions, those of suppliers of other applications, and provide comprehensive solutions using third-party technologies.  

​- Microsoft Azure Cloud, Migration, Administration
A platform offering a wide range of solutions. It allows you to create servers, a data warehouse, install applications or create computing services within one complete platform,

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible platform that provides all the building blocks to quickly create, deploy and manage cloud solutions. The Azure cloud offers a wide range of application, computing, storage and networking services. It allows you to create applications using any language, tool or environment. Moreover, it allows you to integrate public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

- IT outsourcing
IT outsourcing involves commissioning IT activities to an external company. This is an ideal way to reduce the costs of maintaining IT equipment for an external company, it allows you to reduce costs and at the same time still use specialized IT staff.

- creating, modernizing and expanding a computer network,

- management of network devices,

- maintaining computer equipment (hardware service),

- securing data against loss (backup copy),

- server management,

- solving software problems,

- quick response to failures and faults,

- installation of new computers, printers, etc. in the company

​What can you gain from IT outsourcing?

- reducing and stabilizing equipment maintenance costs,

- access to IT specialists,

- early prevention of failures,

- quick response in case of failure,

- constant monitoring,

- 24/7/365 support,

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